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What’s important to your child about summer camp?

Is it focusing on sports, learning new skills, or improving performing arts? Some kids just want to have a well rounded traditional camp experience where they can make lifelong friends. Others may be interested in learning how to water-ski, horseback ride, or go zip-lining through the woods. Whatever the focus, camp has a new important role to help your child unplug from the virtual world of computer gaming, texting and Facebook and learn to enjoy real life social skills with their peers.


There are so many options to choose from including summer camps for boys or girls, coed or even special needs camps. Regardless of the activities or the length of stay, summer camp is all about becoming more independent, developing self-esteem, making new friends, learning real life skills and creating memories that last a lifetime.


Were you a camper yourself? If so, you probably remember the excitement of going somewhere new, trying a variety of fun activities or pouring yourself into one particular thing to get it right. You sang camp songs, participated in cabin competitions and sat around a fire telling scary stories or looking into the night sky.


We can help you find the right summer camp for your child including traditional camps, day camps, or overnight camps whether it’s just for a week or for the full season. We have conducted extensive research so you don’t have to. Regardless of your budget or the number of weeks, working with Spectacular Summers will make selecting the best summer camp so much easier.


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