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Visiting Overnight Camps

(Image:©sonya etchison- Fotolia.com) It’s that time of year– time to visit sleepaway camps! Visiting a few (and not too many) camps in session the summer before sending your child away can be very helpful. When visiting camps in action, prospective families are able to see and meet campers and staff and observe their interactions. Benefits of camp tours also include …

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What if My Child is Homesick?

(Image: ©Photoeffect by Marcha-Fotolia.com) Homesickness is not uncommon, even after the first summer at sleepaway camp.  It is totally normal …

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Should Your Child Go to Sleepaway Camp with a Friend

(Image: © ChantalS- Fotolia.com) Parents often ask whether it is advisable to send their child to overnight camp with a …

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The Gift of Camp

(Image: © Ivan Kruk – Fotolia.com) This year, give your child the gift of camp. Sleepaway camp is a happy …

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Your Camper Doesn’t Want to Return for Summer #2

(Image: © Paige Roberts – Fotolia.com) You did a thorough camp search prior to sending your child to sleepaway camp …

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Welcome to the Spectacular Summers Blog

(Image: © Carballo – Fotolia.com) At long last, we have decided to get with it.  Welcome to the first Spectacular …

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