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The Gift of Camp

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This year, give your child the gift of camp. Sleepaway camp is a happy place where children learn real life lessons. They are pushed out of their comfort zones without their parents present and typically rise to the challenge. At overnight camps, children learn social skills. They live with other boys and girls 24:7, some of whom may not be their best friends. Children learn how to get along with others and to be empathetic, supportive and inclusive. They learn about sportsmanship, cooperation and teamwork. The life lessons learned at camp help build character. At overnight camps, children gain independence, resilience and self-esteem.

At most sleepaway camps, the campers cannot use their iphones, ipads and computers or spend countless hours playing video games. Camp is a wonderful break from technology. Children deal with others face-to-face. Camp is a simpler more carefree time that is not overly structured. The boys and girls are outdoors playing and getting exercise. They experience nature. Your son or daughter will try new activities at camp. They will be exposed to a variety of things that they may not do at home, such as water skiing and camping trips. Your son or daughter may gain new skills at sports, in the arts or some other camp activity. They may even discover a new passion or talent. Camp is also a place children can reinvent themselves. No one will remember what they did in kindergarten. For many kids, camp is their happy place. Children develop meaningful relationships at camp. The friendships made at camp can last a lifetime.

Of course, camp is fun and exciting too. But, sleepaway camp is much more than a fun place to keep your child busy over the summer. Camp is about training your child for real life. Children become more confident and self-reliant at camp. They learn how to solve problems, compromise and share. At camp, children learn to persevere and how to become leaders. Campers have amazing experiences and walk away with lifetime memories. This holiday season, give your child the gift of camp.

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